In this era of technology when most of our work depends on technology, our problems & their solutions also come out from it.

So, it’s important to understand the technology and the ways to use it properly in order to make life easy and comfortable, not the other way around. The reason we created Gozylo is to guide people properly in solving their problems related to technology.

We are a group of tech enthusiasts who are determined to provide you the best of technology by the means of this website. We provide tips, tricks, hacks, and tutorials related to Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, iOS, Computers, Laptops, Software, Apps, Internet, Social Media, Blogging, SEO, Make Money and many other topics.

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Suneet Srivastava is the founder of Gozylo. He is young Full time Blogger, SEO Expert, Web Developer and Computer Expert since from 2017.

Through Gozylo, He want to share his Android tricks and methods on topics How To’s, Earning Money Online, Blogging, WordPress, Facebook Tricks, Whatsapp Tricks, Android Tricks, iPhone Tricks, Free Internet Tricks, SEO Tips, Adsense Tips and all Tech Tricks & Tips. He is hard worker which you can see on Gozylo,

He is always believe in truth. She has a dream to get success and be listed in top Bloggers of India and he is working hard to complete his dream. He is the founder of so many Blogs and Websites and working on them, but he don’t want to make them viral in public so he is keeping them as a secret.

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